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15 July 2015

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Changsha Metro Line 3, 5 Start Test Runs

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Both the Changsha Metro Line 3 and 5 started test runs on the morning of December 30, 2019. They are scheduled to be put into trial operation next July. Changsha will enter an era of metro network then, with a “half-an-hour living circle” reaching all parts of the city. 
The Metro Line 3 (phase 1) connects the core commercial regions including Houjiatang, Dongtang, and Sifangping. There are 25 underground stations in total, including 10 transfer stations, along the 36.5km-long line. Changsha’s landmarks are linked through the line, such as Dawangshan Tourist Resort, Yanghu Ecological New Town, and Yuelu Mountain University Town in the west side of the Xiangjiang River; and downtown area, Changsha Railway Station, Sifangping, Changsha University, Yuehu Park, Broadcasting and TV Center, and Xingsha in the east side.
The Metro Line 5, with a total length of 22.5 km, runs through Changsha County, Kaifu, Furong, Yuhua, and Tianxin districts. There are 18 stations, including 7 transfer ones. The line starts from Shuiduhe Station in Changsha County in the north, and ends at Maozhutang Station in Yuhua District in the south. It connects Changsha’s key development areas, such as Xianglong regions in Changsha County, Yuehu and Jinying cultural industrial zone, Malanshan Video and Cultural Creation Industrial Park, Mawangdui business circle, Wanjiali business circle, and Gaoqiao Grand Market. 
The two lines are major vertical and horizontal underground arteries of Changsha. Their opening to traffic will mark Changsha’s metro network upgrades from a “cross” shape into a “Union Jack” one. With these two new lines, Changsha’s metro lines will reach 161.2 km in total, with 105 stations and 14 transfer ones. 
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