On the morning of April 29, Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Xu Shousheng announced at Duhua Road Station that the pilot run of Changsha Subway Line 2 officially kicked off.

Some international friends said that Changsha subway is much more gorgeous and modern than those overseas ones.

Changsha subway is equipped with intelligent platform-edge doors, which is quite safe, and is not as crowed as that of Beijing and Shenzhen.

On April 19, Changsha Subway Line 2 received a group of 40 special passengers during its test ride, including international friends from ten countries such as USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Morocco, and Spain.

Changsha Metro Line 2 stretches as long as 22.262 kilometers, consisting of 19 stations. A total investment of 11.9 billion yuan has been injected in the project. It began its trial operation on April 29, 2014, becoming the first metro line open to the traffic in Changsha.

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Changsha metro adopts a mileage fragmentation valuation system, with the starting fare being priced at 2 yuan, which affords a 6-kilometer ride. For distances over 6 kilometers, a mileage cost that progressively increases in units of 1 yuan is added to the starting price.

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The first metro line in Changsha opened on April 29, 2014, making the capital of Hunan province the 19th city in mainland China with a metro. Have you experienced its test ride yet? Share with us your experiences of Changsha Metro Line 2.

Yeah, so nice to experience. The color of metro entrance is blue and white, a breath of fresh air, just like my style


The expected daily traffic of the 2nd line in labour day holiday is about 20 million. But according to the data collected by Changsha Metro Group Co., Ltd at 10 p.m. on May 1, over 350,000 tourists took Line 2 on the first day.On May 2 and May 3, the passenger flow hits 600,000.


Changsha subway line 2 is very gorgeous and modern. It is quiet safe and very comfortable. like it very much


With the subway, it will be more convenient to have a tour in Changsha. I am looking forward to witness the open of Line I, 3, 4......


After taking the subway line 2, I noticed the Juzizhou Station is right underneath the Orange Island. Tell you what, it's really a big WOW! Could someone tell me, how deep is the station under Orange Island (Juzizhou)?


Great!!! It's really a big big thing for Changsha! I can't wait to experience it! and who can tell me when will the subway be not to crowded?

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