Feasibility Report on First Phase of Changsha Subway Line 4 Approved

The Development and Reform Commission of Hunan Province recently approved the feasibility report on the first phase of Changsha Subway Line 4. This project is scheduled to start at the end of this year and be completed in 2019.

Metro Line 4, all underground, stretches 33.7 kilometers and sets up a depot, a parking lot and 24 stations including 13 transfer ones. According to related experts, its first phase, similar to Subway Line 2, will adopt the standard B-type transit vehicles with a maximum carrying capacity of 240 passengers in each carriage and 1,440 passengers for the whole vehicle. With the width of 2.8 meters, height of 3.8 meters and effective length of 19.8 meters, its design speed can reach 80 km per hour.

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Translator: Wang Xiaolu

Chinese source: hn.rednet.cn