Phase I of Changsha Metro Line 2 serves as the core line of east-west rail transit in Changsha, corresponding to the east-west transportation corridor with the largest predicated passengers and the busiest buses of the city.  


It runs through 3 east-west passenger hubs of Changsha (West Station of Changsha, Changsha Railway Station and Changsha South Railway Station) and 4 passenger flow collector-distributor centers (Yinwanzhen, Wuyi Square, Furong Square and Yuanjialing).  


The underground line stretches as long as 22.262 kilometers, consisting of 19 stations, among which 6 are transfer stations. A total investment of 11.9 billion yuan has been injected in the project. It started its construction on September 28th, 2009 and began its trial run on December 30th, 2013, becoming the first metro line open to the traffic in Changsha. 


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