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15 July 2015

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Hunan Normal University

Founded in 1938, Hunan Normal University enjoys a history of 80 years. It is also one of the leading universities building under the national “211 project” and “Double First-Class Strategic Plan”.

Hunan Normal University puts stress on fundamental and quality education, while placing equal stress on the cultivation of both application-oriented talents and research experts. Up to 2017, it has cultivated over 400,000 students. Hunan Normal University enjoys a high reputation in society for its excellent quality education. It now boasts 3 CFCRS (Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools) programs and 185 partner institutions in 45 countries and has co-established 3 Confucius Institutes in Russia, Korea and the U.S. respectively.

Why HNU:

(1) Top-ranking  

University HNU is a "211 project" university, ranking  60th among China's key 100 universities. In 2011, HNU was elected as one of  "Ten Famous Universities" by all the foreign students in China. 

(2) First-class Living Condition

The foreign students' dormitory is constructed according to the Standard of three-star  hotel. Each room is with a pirate washing room and a balcony. In the room  there are a TV set, a fridge, a telephone, a water heater, internet service,  bookshelves, desks, soft simmons beds and etc.. Public laundry is in the  basement and public kitchens are located in each floor. The foreign students'  dormitory living fee is much cheaper than those in Beijing and Shanghai. 

(3) Perfect Supporting Facilities 

About 50 meters away from the foreign students' dormitory there are four banks and a Post Office, where students can draw and deposit money and get Western Union  service. A super market and a students' dinning room is around 100 meters away, where students can buy necessaries and get food. The university library is 200 meters away, where is a good place for students to do individual learning at the main teaching building where students have their classes is about 5 minute walk and only 400 meters away. 

Excellent Chinese Teaching and Services A professional college called International College of Chinese Language and Culture at HNU is especially set up for foreign students to learn Chinese. In each class, there are around 15 students and the college provides one-to-one Chinese training. Specialists in the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation offer admission services, airport pick-up, living and students' visa help.

Contact Information:

Foreign Students Admission Section, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Hunan Normal University
Room 227, Mulanlou, 36 Lushan Rd., Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan, P.R. China
Post Code: 410081
Tel: 86-731-88872992, 82741687
Fax: 86-731-88854711

Communication Section, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Hunan Normal university
Room 126, Mulanlou, 36 Lushan Rd., Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan, P.R.  China
Post Code: 410081
Tel: 86-731-88872245
Fax: 86-731-88854711

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