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15 July 2015


Hunan’s Africa Connections

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The photo, taken in 2016, shows the 18th Hunan medical aid team in Sierra Leone taking a group photo with the locals. (File photo provided by Qiu Yu)
The photo, taken in the 1980s, shows the first group of Hunanese who went to Rwanda to build roads. They had to get haircut on the roadside due to imperfect local facilities. (File photo)
Su Wen teaches students martial arts at the Confucius Institute in Rwanda. (File photo)
Xiao Hanbing (2nd R) teaches local Nigerians pepper cultivation knowledge. (File photo)
Qiu Yu treats a local patient in Sierra Leone. (File photo)
Many Hunan people pursue their dreams in Africa, far away from their home.
Climate, malaria, scarce supplies, and overwhelming loneliness haven’t repelled them.
They believe the tanned skin is like a warrior's medal; and the kindhearted locals always soothe their hearts.
In the foreign land, Hunanese work hard, devote themselves to African development, and inherit the past. From curiosity to understanding, and adapting to local living, they overcome homesickness and regard Africa as their second hometown. Since their meeting with Africa, they would connect with this land for a lifetime.
The stories between Hunan and Africa are far more than that, and the connections are never ending.
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
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