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15 July 2015

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Baofeng Paper-cutting Art Exhibition Opens in Changsha

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Li Baofeng, arts and crafts master of Jilin Province, introduces her paper-cutting work “Grand View Garden” depicted in the classic Chinese novel A Dream of Red Mansions. (Photo/Deng Xia)
Baofeng Paper-cutting Art Exhibition opened at Li Zijian Art Museum on January 1, 2020. The exhibition presents the amazing folk handcraft to the public through vivid figures and scenes in China's four great classic novels, even in oil painting and traditional Chinese painting styles. 
Nearly 100 paper-cutting works created by Li Baofeng in recent thirty years are on display. Li is the curator of Jilin Baofeng Art Museum, who is also an arts and crafts master. The works integrated paper-cutting art, traditional folk culture, and social development. 
The exhibition highlights are four large-scale paper-cutting works, 3.5m in length and 1.1m in width, which were created based on scenes in China’s four great classic novels—A Dream of Red Mansions, Journey to the West, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Water Margin. Li’s A Dream of Red Mansions serial works won a number of Chinese and international art prizes and gold awards. 
Paper-cutting work about Water Margin. (Photo/Deng Xia) 
Li was inspired by traditional operas, poetry, folk songs, and ethnic groups during her creation. Her works present Chinese folk culture and customs, and the ways of life and aesthetics of Chinese working people. She has been innovating to bring the art of paper-cutting back to life, through learning techniques from traditional Chinese paintings, engravings, and oil paintings. 
An oil painting-like paper-cutting work. (Photo provided by Li Zijian Art Museum)
The exhibition will open to the public free of charge till February 9, 2020. 
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