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15 July 2015

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Chongling National Wetland Park

On October 8, the Chongling National Wetland Park in Guiyang County, Hunan Province, surrounded by waters and mountains, looks gorgeous at sunset. The park, with a total area of 3,220 hectares, includes the Ouyanghai Reservoir, part of the Chongling River, and some surrounding mountainous areas. It forms a narrow corridor with 29.3 km long from north to south and 14.6 km wide from east to west. There are five functional areas within the park; namely, the wetland conservation area, restoration and reconstruction area; educational demonstration area; rationally used area; and, management service area. (Photo/Ouyang Changhai)
The water system is intertwined with the mountains and farmlands nearby. (Photo/Ouyang Changhai)
The fertile lands look picturesque. (Photo/Ouyang Changhai)
The water system, farmlands, and mountains are symbiotic. (Photo/Ouyang Changhai)
The green hills, rivers, and lakes of Chongling National Wetland Park are splendid at sunset. (Photo/Ouyang Changhai)
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