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15 July 2015

Humanities & Landscape

Longhui Huayao Village

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Located at the eastern foot of Xuefeng Mountain, Longhui Huayao Village is about 110km away from the county seat of Longhui, 1,320 meters above the sea level. The village is abundant in rainfall and the climate is very cool, with an annual average temperature of 11℃. The village covers a total area of 93.3 square kilometers, including 85,545 mu of forest and 12,206 mu of arable land.
About 105 kilometers away from the northern of Longhui County lays a 13-kilometer-long valley, where is decorated with purified and splendid waterfalls, verdant trees and dazzling rocks.
The scenic area in Longhui County is one of the New Eight Grand Sights in Hunan Province. Main tourist attractions in this area are the ancient villages of the Yao ethnic group, the former residence of Weiyuan, Weiyuan Lake, Gaozhou Hot Springs, ancient town of Tantou and Mount Jiulong. New Year's pictures, fragrant powdered paper and colored paper are known as local Three Marvels which have been placed on the list of Chinese cultural heritage for salvation.
Huayao is a special branch of Yao ethnic group. Huayao women are skilled in creating traditional cross-stitch embroidery, for making colorful clothes. The cross-stitch of Huayao has been listed as the state-level intangible cultural heritage.