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15 July 2015

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[National Geographical Indication Products] Yongfeng Chili Sauce

Yongfeng Chili Sauce was originated in Yongfeng Town of Shuangfeng County, Loudi City. Traditionally, Yongfeng Chili Sauce selects high quality bell pepper, cow-horn pepper and line pepper as it materials, which contains rich haematochrome and tastes tender, spicy and sweet. Added with soybean, wheat and sticky rice, the finished chili sauce is reddish-brown and translucent, with delicate texture and dense fragrance of fermented pepper and wheat. It can whet the appetite by strengthening spleen and aid digestion, dispel cold and clear damp. Being rich in protein and vitamin, Yongfeng Chili Sauce is natural and pollution-free, low fat, low sugar and free of chemical dyes.

In the 2007 China (Changsha) International Pepper Industry Expo, Yongfeng Chili Sauce has been unanimously praised by Chinese and foreign investors for its bright color, mellow fragrance as well as appetizing spicy and sweet taste. Thus it won gold award in the expo, and Shuangfeng County was also endowed “No.1 County of Chili Sauce in China” and “the Hometown of Chinese Pepper”. In the same year, Yongfeng Chili Sauce was formally approved as National Geographical Indication Product by the Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. 

Chinese source: hn.chinanews