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15 July 2015

List of Sister cities of Hunan

Friendly City is the main channel of connecting the outside world. Hunan attaches great importance to friendly exchanges with the outside world. In 1982, Hunan began establishing friendly ties with cities (provinces, prefectures, and counties) out of the country. By 2015, there are 12 pairs of sister cities at provincial level, and over 100 pairs at city or county level....

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Zhuzhou City’s Sister Cities(6)
Hengyang City’s Sister Cities (6)
Yiyang City’s Sister Cities (5)
Changde City’s Sister Cities (6)
Yueyang City’s Sister Cities (8)
Shaoyang City's Sister Cities (1)
Chenzhou City's Sister Cities (2)
Loudi City's Sister Cities (4)
Yongzhou City's Sister Cities (2)
Huaihua City’s Sister Cities (2)
Zhangjiajie City’s Sister Cities (10)
Xiangxi Prefecture's Sister Cities (4)