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Changde Port- Shanghai Port Direct Route Opens

T | TPrint2012-09-18

The 2,000-ton ship "Xiangyuan No.8" with 124 standard containers of imported cottonseed and kraft cardboard arrived at Yanguan Port, Changde from Shanghai on September 16. It marks that the direct route between Changde Port and Shanghai Port officially opens. Changde Port is the third port in Hunan after Xianing Port in Changsha and Chenglingji Port in Yueyang, which offers direct route to Shanghai Port. It is also the first direct route in Yanguan Port since the establishment of customs supervision places in 2008.   
After the opening of the direct route, "Xiangyuan No.8" and other three ships of Hunan Ocean Shipping Company will follow the two-way direct route and each can run four times a month. The goods shipped include cottonseed, electrical machine, shipbuilding materials, canned agricultural products, paper, wood pulp and rice.


Translator: Wang Rong


Chinese source: hunan.gov.cn