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U.S.A's Lorain County Community College Delegates Discuss Future Cooperation with Changsha University

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Both sides engaged in discussion.


Teachers and students of both sides interact with each other.
Dr. John R. Crooks, associate dean of Lorain County Community College (LCCC) in the United States, recently led a small delegation to Changsha University to discuss future cooperation between the two schools. During the visit, an agreement was reached to enlarge their exchange of teachers and students in 2013.
According to the agreement, a bilingual teacher from the Tourism Management Department of Changsha University will be sent to LCCC next year to further language study and increase professional knowledge. LCCC, in return, has invited Changsha University's Arts Department to hold an art exhibition in America to enhance mutual understanding of both cultures.
During their stay in Changsha, Dean of Changsha University Liu Yun met with Dr. John R. Crooks and the delegation, engaged in pleasant discussion about further cooperation between their schools. Dr. Crooks praised the quality of education in Hunan and then briefly introduced the life and status of the students from Hunan currently in the United States. Later, teachers and students of both schools staged a music performance to strengthen their friendship.


Translator: Wu Lirong


Chinese source: chinanews.com