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Main Structure of Aizhai Suspension Bridge Completed

T | TPrint2011-08-22

The main structure of Aizhai super-large suspension bridge in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture was completed with the erection of the steel truss girder at 10:00 am on August 20.

According to Chen Mingxian, a renowned bridge expert and commander of Aizhai Bridge Construction Headquarter, Aizhai Bridge is a super-large one across Aizhai canyon on the Jishou-Chadong Highway. It is a stiffening steel truss girder bridge with its main cross of 1,176m, bridge deck width of 24.5m and the height between bridge deck and the bottom of the canyon reaching 350 m.

Hunan Road & Bridge Construction Group, together with other partners involved in the bridge construction, created four "No.1 in the world": the first is the 1,176 m long main span; the second is the first application of pylon and girder separation structure; the third is the first use of rock anchor suspension and carbon fiber as the pre-stressed reinforcement material; and the fourth is the first adoption of rail cable sliding technique to erect steel truss girder.

Translator: Li Ling