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President Hu Jintao and US President-elect Barack Obama Discuss over Telephone

Chinese President Hu Jintao and US President-elect Barack Obama Saturday night discussed over telephone relations between China and the United States and major international issues of common concern, including the ongoing global financial crisis. Hu Jintao congratulated Barack Obama on his election as President of the United States.


In the telephone conversation, Hu expressed appreciation to Obama for emphasizing in his election campaign speeches the great importance of China-US relations, and for advocating the strengthening of China-US cooperation in jointly responding to global challenges and in sharing global development opportunities.


Hu Jintao pointed out that since the establishment of Sino-US diplomatic relations countries 30 years ago, bilateral relations have generally been keeping developing despite setbacks, and have scored hard-earned achievements and brought about tangible interests to both nations. As the world’s largest developing country and most developed country, China and U.S. share extensive common interests on issues concerning world peace and development, and both assume important responsibility in this regard, said Hu.


In the new historical period, China is willing to maintain high-level exchange with the United States as well as contacts at all levels, continue strategic dialogue with the United States, increase exchange and cooperation between the two countries in all fields, and strengthen the exchange of opinion and coordination with the United States on major international and regional issues. China and the United States should respect each other and accommodate each other's concerns, and appropriately settle sensitive issues between the two countries, particularly the Taiwan issues, so as to promote the China-US constructive cooperative relationship to a higher level, said President Hu. 


Obama expressed his thanks to President Hu Jintao. Obama said, China is a great country, and China’s development and success are insistent with the benefit of United States. On today's international arena, US-China relations are vital. The development of US-China relations is not only in the interest of both nations, but also benefits the world, Obama said. Obama expressed the hope that the United States and China will strengthen cooperation, and promote greater development of bilateral relations, bringing benefits to both nations. The United States hopes to strengthen consultation and coordination with China on security, climate change and regional hotspot issues, to promote settlement of the relevant issues.


Hu Jintao pointed out that the current global financial crisis has seriously impacted economic development and people's livelihood in all countries around the world. The international community should increase confidence, strengthen coordination and have close cooperation so as to effectively deal with this global challenge. A world economic summit will be held in Washington on Nov. 15, and China attaches great importance to it. China is willing to discuss with other participants in the summit how to adopt powerful measures to reestablish market confidence as early as possible, how to prevent the global financial crisis from proliferation and spreading, and how to diminish its impact on real economies, in a bid to avert a possible global economic recession, Hu said. The global financial crisis has led to the exposure of many deep-hidden drawbacks of the global financial system. The international community should earnestly sum up the lessons from this global crisis and launch necessary reforms of the global financial system, on the basis of sufficient consultation among all interested parties, said Hu. Particular efforts should be made to explore in an in-depth way solution of such major questions as how to strengthen international financial supervision and regulation, how to improve the system of international financial organizations and how to improve the international monetary system, the Chinese president said.


Obama said that settlement of this global financial crisis requires close cooperation by governments of all countries, expressing the hope that the United States and China will strengthen cooperation at the coming world economic summit in Washington.


Source: Xinhua Net

Editor: Li Yanhua


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