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15 July 2015

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Hunan Industry Gets off to a Good Start in 2019

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The Hunan statistics authority announced on March 19 that, in January and February, Hunan’s added value of the industrial enterprises above the designated size increased by 7.8%, 0.4 percentage points faster than last year. The industrial economy got off to a good start in 2019. 
In general, manufacturing takes the lead among all of the sectors. In the past two months, the added value of manufacturing sector increased by 8.4%, 0.6 percentage point higher than the provincial average. The electricity, heating power, fuel gas, and water production and supply saw an increase of 7.3%, and mining industry declined slightly. 
In the first two months, the added value of the share-holding, state-owned, and foreign- and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan-funded companies, as well as the domestic companies of other economic types, which are above the designated size, grew at varying degrees. 
Thirty of 39 industries grew in added value. Tobacco industries grew by 11.5%, making the highest contribution of 22.6% to the provincial growth. The other 8 industries that making contributions of more than 5% are: special equipment; chemical raw materials and chemical products; general equipment; agricultural and sideline food processing; metal products; electric machinery and equipment; food production; and, electricity and heat power generation and supply. 
The added value of high energy-consuming industries accounted for 29.3% of the provincial industries above designated size, 0.4 percentage point lower than last year. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
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