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15 July 2015

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Hunan Spring Flower Route

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It must be the gladdest thing under the sun touching a hundred flowers!


Friendly reminder: Please take care while enjoying the flora as some varieties may cause allergic reactions.


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1: Peach Blossom



Changde Taohuayuan (Peach Blossom Land)


Located 15 km southwest of Taoyuan County, Changde city, this area has an intoxicating charm with different shades of peach blossoms all around when the flowers are in full bloom.


Flowering time: From the end of March through the beginning of April


Driving route: Changsha—Changsha-Zhangjiajie Highway—Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway G319-Taohuayuan


Fenghuang (Phoenix) Ancient Town


2 km down the Tuojiang River, the Jiangxi Isle is covered with peach blossoms every spring.


Driving route: Changsha- Changsha-Zhangjiajie Highway-Changsha-Jishou Highway-Jishou city-Fenghuang.




2: Plum Blossom


Flowering time: From the end of February through the beginning of March



Orange Isle Plum Blossom Park


The park boasts more than 500 plum trees of over ten varieties.


Hunan University of Science and Technology


Hunan University of Science and Technology is known for its plum garden covering 6,600 square meters.




3: Sakura



Spread over 100 mu and containing 70 varieties, the Hunan Forest Botanical Garden Sakura Park is listed as having the nation’s greatest diversity of Sakura flowers.



Hunan University of Science and Technology


At the end of March, 700 to 800 odd Sakura trees begin to blossom one after another, in pink, white and other various colors.


Flowering time: Late March to early April


Driving route: Veer off Changsha-Xiangtan West Highway at Xiangtan and follow Xiangtan’s second ring road about ten minutes.


4: Azaleas



Nanshan Mountain, Shaoyang city


Near the stream at the foot of Nanshan Mountain, crimson azaleas decorate the mountain edges like a beautiful lace. Adding to the serenity, cozy sheep lazily graze the lush green grass.


Flowering time: From mid to late March


Driving route: Changsha—Changsha-Xiangtan West Highway—Zhushi City (veer off the highway)—Wugang—Chengbu—Nanshan Pasture.



Shenlong Valley, Yanling County, Zhuzhou City


Yanling county is known for its azaleas, especially the Yunjin azaleas. Go in mid-April to see them in full bloom.



Chenzhou Mangshan Mountain


There are 43 kinds of azaleas in Chenzhou’s Mangshan Mountain area. From April onward, the blooms rush all over the mountain like an ocean of flowers.


Driving route: Changsha—Beijing-zhuhai Highway—Yizhang—Mangshan Mountain


5: Cherry Blossom



Chenzhou Wangxian Ridge


At Wangxian Ridge Ecological Park,the 200 cherry trees and nearby waterfall flaunts the vitality of Springtime.


Driving route: Changsha—Beijing-Zhuhai Highway—Chenzhou. The spot can also be reached via Wuhan-Guangzhou High speed Railway.



Changsha Fruit Garden


The cherry trees are generally in bloom from early to mid March; the flowering season lasts 10 to 15 days.


Driving route: Changsha-Lei Feng Avenue-Fruit Garden


By bus: Take No. 348, No.149 bus to Leifengdadaokou stop, then transfer No. 918 to get to the Fruit Garden.


6: Wild Cherry Blossom



Youshui River—Jiemu Stream, Yuanling city


You will never see such bright-colored and lovely wild cherry blossoms as you will here.


Driving route: Changsha—Changsha-Changde Highway-Yuanling (veer off the highway at Yuanling)




7: Chinese Milk Vetch



Between Dongting Lake Bridge and Junshan Island


One plot of Chinese Milk Vetch after another blaze amidst the reedbeds. These flowers cover the fields with their unassuming beauty.


Driving route: Changsha—Beijing-Zhuhai Highway—Yueyang (veer off the highway at Yueyang)




8: Wild flowers



Changsha Moon Island


Mangshan Mountain, Chenzhou: Azaleas and various wild flowers


Langshan Mountain, Shaoyang: Red rocks, green plants and colorful flowers in Spring


Driving route: Changsha—west line of Changsha-Xiangtan Expressway—Xiangtan-Shaoyang Expressway—Shaoyang—Xinning


9: Chinese Flowering Apple



In bloom in late February


Best place to see them: Zhangjiajie is home to the lovelist of flowering apples, plum blossoms, azaleas and sakuras at the end of February.



10: Rape Flower



Xupu County, Huaihua


The rape flowers blooming in Simeng Township of Xupu County bring you one step closer to nature.


Best time to visit: from March to April


Driving route: Drive 20km along Xushui River from Xupu County to Simeng Scenic Spot. You can take a Changsha-Huaihua bus anytime from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.



Junshan, Yueyang City


Here you’ll find bright rape flowers in full bloom amid tall trees like a beautiful painting.


Driving route: Changsha City—Beijing-Zhuhou Expressway—Yueyang City—Dongting Bridge—Junshan




Lixian County, Changde City


A vast stretch of golden rape flowers in blossom produces the most refreshing of aromas.


Driving route: Changsha City—Changsha-Changde Expressway—Changde—G207—Lixian County



Gaoping Town, Liuyang City


Gaoping is filled with these beautiful and refreshing flowers.


Driving route: Changsha City—Changsha-Yongzhou Expressway—Biomedicine Park—Liuyang City—Gaoping Town