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15 July 2015

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Xu Minghua Urges Serious Implementation of Mayor’s Responsibility System

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The Provincial Working Conference on Vegetables was held by the Hunan People’s Government on November 27 in Changsha. Vice Governor Xu Minghua urged to put into practice the mayor’s responsibility for shopping basket and carry out the system of minimum vegetable plots, specifically, the average minimum area of vegetable plots should reach the standards of 3.3li (about 22 m2), 3li (20 m2) and 2.5li (17 m2) respectively for cities, county-level cities and counties.

Xu Minghua pointed out that the work regarding to vegetables should be put in an important place in economic and social development. Every place should strengthen the leadership, increase input, carry out strict liability and intensify early warning, regulation and control over market to improve the income of vegetable growers and guarantee the supply of vegetables to urban areas according to the requirements of the mayor’s responsibility for shopping basket. Moreover, the government should make all possible ways to facilitate the construction of vegetable cultivation bases, promote the industrialized operation of vegetables and strengthen supervision on the quality and safety of vegetables.

At the conference, the people’s governments of all cities and prefectures submitted to Hunan Government the Pledge for Mayor’s Responsibility for Shopping Basket.

Translator: Li Ling