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15 July 2015

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Liling Ceramics Win Nearly 100 Mln Orders at Caoton Fair 2019

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The trade volume of Liling domestic ceramics reached 96.7 million USD at the 125th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) held in Guangzhou recently, an increase of 15.6% over the previous year.
Fifty Liling ceramic enterprises displayed more than 100,000 new products, which were favored by customers. Of the 10,000 exhibits of Hunan Hualian China Industry Co., Ltd. (Hualian), 90% are new products developed this year, attracting a large number of businessmen. This brought more than 20 orders, including an order of more than 600,000 USD signed on-site with a French purchasing agency.
New green products were more popular with customers than traditional products. Liling Chuhua Ceramic Industrial Co., Ltd. promoted its environmental-friendly products, which adopt a new process of double-layer glazing to maintain traditional advantages of elegant appearance and good colorfastness. The products attracted a large number of buyers. The company is already booked up until this November. Hualian won the Green Booth Award this year for more support from insiders and a higher recognition. Liling Top Collection Industrial Co., Ltd. launched more than 1,000 fashion and eco ceramics, which were favored by European and American customers.
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