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15 July 2015

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First China-Europe (Russia-Changsha) Freight Train Carries Russian Timber to Hunan

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A special train loaded with Russian timber recently arrived at Changsha North Railway Station. It was the first China-Europe (Russia-Changsha) train carrying imported Russian timber to Hunan. It will be put into regular operation, making high-quality Russian timber available for purchase in Hunan’s timber market.
The train carried 41 containers of imported Russian timber, mainly camphor pine boards weighing 975 tons and valued at 1.82 million yuan. 
It started from Kalabra, Russia, and entered China through Manzhouli. It went through customs in Changsha. The trip lasted 22 days. It further enriched the varieties of goods, expanded imports, and promoted foreign trade balance.
Presently, 8 direct China (Changsha)-Europe freight train routes have been opened, covering 24 countries and more than 40 regions. The China (Changsha)-Europe freight train leads China in terms of total freight volume. A total of 157 trains carrying import and export goods were operated in 2018.
In 2019, Changsha plans to operate 400 China (Changsha)-Europe freight trains. In the future, Changsha will continuously improve the operation capabilities of the China (Changsha)-Europe freight trains, so as to help Hunan integrate into the “Belt and Road” Initiative and accelerate building Changsha’s multimodal opening-up system.