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15 July 2015

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Hunan Spring Festival Concert 2019 Staged

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The Hunan Spring Festival Concert 2019 is staged at the Hunan Grand Theatre on January 29 evening. 
Kiev Opera and Ballet (Ukraine) dancers perform “Voices of Spring - Waltz”. 
Famous Chinese soprano Yin Xiumei performs “Snow – to the tune of Chin Yuan Chun”, “Velvet Flowers”, and “I love you, China”. (Photo/Luo Xinguo) 
The Hunan Spring Festival Concert 2019 was staged at the Hunan Grand Theatre on January 29 evening. 
CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Secretary Du Jiahao, Deputy Secretary and Governor Xu Dazhe, and CPPCC Hunan Provincial Committee Chairwoman Li Weiwei, together with provincial department cadres and public representatives, were present. 
Provincial leaders, including Wu Lan, Fu Kui, Huang Guanchun, Huang Lanxiang, Wang Shaofeng, Cai Zhenhong, Hu Henghua, Xie Jianhui, Zhang Jianfei, Feng Yi, Liu Lianyu, and Wu Guiying, watched the show. 
The concert was performed by an 80-person band, a 150-person chorus, and brilliant musicians from Italy, USA, and Ukraine. They provided a high-level music feast to the audience. 
The annual Hunan Spring Festival Concert has been held for five years. This year’s concert was hosted by the Publicity Department of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, the Hunan Culture and Tourism Department, the Hunan Broadcasting System, and the Hunan Performance Group. It was staged by the Changsha Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra director Xiao Ming, and famous Italian conductor Nicola Giuliani directed the performance. 
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