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15 July 2015

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Hunan Cultural and Creative Products to Be Exhibited in Spain

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The Exhibition on Hunan Cultural and Creative Products organized by Hunan Provincial Department of Culture (HPDC) will kick off at Chinese Cultural Center in Madrid, Spain on January 29, 2018. It will last till February 23.

During the exhibition period, Spanish will have a chance to know Hunan’ strength on design and its unique charm of culture through the cultural and creative products.

The design of the to-be-displayed products integrates elements from cultural relics of the Han Dynasty, Hunan famous calligraphers and painters’ works, Dong ethnic minority’s brocade, porcelain, and Hunan embroidery. The products have already been shipped out.

Li Shaobo, dean of Hunan Normal University Fine Arts College, which is the undertaker of the exhibition said, “The design of the exhibits is based on Hunan’s traditional culture, and adopts modern techniques and forms. They are therefore of high quality, and full of innovation.” Li added, “The 100-odd exhibits were selected from various fields under the guidance of the HPDC. The works include handicrafts and the latest research findings of universities and research institutions.”


Throw pillows showing design elements of Han-dynasty cultural relics


Umbrellas with the design elements from unearthed cultural relics at Mawangdui Han Tombs

Silk scarf and porcelain


Miao-style scarves


Tongguan Kiln porcelain


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