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15 July 2015

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Xiangjiang New Area Gene Valley Plan Released

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Zhang Yingchun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Changsha Municipal Committee and director of the Hunan Xiangjiang New Area Management Committee, addresses the forum. (Photo/Lu Yangshen)


The participators discuss gene healthcare big data development. (Photo/Wang Jingfei)


A visitor experiences the infrared thermometer prediction system. (Photo/Wang Jingfei)

A forum on the commercialization of research outcomes and "gene healthcare big data" innovation was held in Changsha on January 23, 2018. It is the fourth event of the Xiangjiang New Area’s "industrial project promotion year". A plan for the gene health industrial platform, also the gene valley plan, was released at the forum.

According to the plan, the gene valley will build itself an enterprise headquarters base and provide five public gene service platforms. The base leads the industrial development, and operation and management of the valley. The five platforms are a biobank, a public testing platform, a gene health big data center, a GMP transformation platform, and an industrial cluster. They will provide a complete industrial chain that offers services including biological samples collection, public testing, healthcare big data analysis, commercialization of research outcomes, funding, business startup service, and related trainings.

Xiangjiang New Area plans 12 such events in 2018. The next forum will be held on March 29, themed on intelligent equipment and artificial intelligence (AI) industry.

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