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15 July 2015

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People Brave Freezing, Cold Weather for Public Good

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The photo taken on January 28 shows workers use a loader to remove snow on the street. On that day, departments of urban management, sanitation and municipal administration have sent more than 72,000 staffs and 2,230 vehicles to clean snow on the main streets, bridges and overpasses, ring roads, tunnels, and squares. (Photo/Tang Jun)


The photo taken in the small hours of January 28 shows workers clean snow and ice on the bullet trains at Changsha High-speed Railway Station to ensure their safe operation. (Photo/Fu Cong, Tan Liang)


The photo taken on January 28 shows people use a water torch to clean snow on Zhongshan Road, Kaifu District, Changsha. (Photo/Li Jian)


The photo taken on January 28 shows workers clean the ice covering cables on the Xinglang Tea Farm in Jiahe County, Chenzhou. On that day, the Jiahe Electricity Power Company of the Sate Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) organized all workers to patrol along cables, and deal with emergencies. A sufficient power supply has been ensured. (Photo/Huang Chuntao)

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