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15 July 2015

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Spring Festival Holiday 2018 Sees an Upsurge in Tourists

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The rain started to fall in Hunan since the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. However, Hunan’s scenic areas still saw an upsurge in visitors. According to data, over 1.76 million trips by tourists were made in Hunan’s 123 scenic spots, making a revenue of 139.29 million CNY on Feb. 19.

The key scenic areas received the most tourists. A total of 29,000 trips by tourists were made in Yuelu Mountain, the hottest destination in Changsha, increasing by 31.82% year on year; 99,100 trips in Shaoshan, an increase of 23.67%; 80,800 trips in Hengshan Mountain Scenic Area, up 22.98%; and 103,200 trips in Wulingyuan Scenic Area.

Hot springs were among the most popular with the tourists from across the country. Rucheng Hot Spring, Longnv Hot Spring, and Mangshan Mountain Forest Hot Spring attracted many Guangdong travelers. Most travelers from Xiangxi, Zhangjiajie, and Huaihua in Hunan, and Tongren in Guizhou chose the Yexi Hot Spring in Bu’ermen Forest Park, Yongshun. And Huitang Hot Spring was popular with tourists, with 5,500 trips made.

Rural tourism and folk custom experience remained popular. Tourists from home and abroad crowded into the Tujia and Miao villages in Xiangxi, to taste local food, and experience local Spring Festival customs. Yangsha Lake Lantern Show in Yueyang attracted numerous tourists.

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