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15 July 2015


A Letter on COVID-19 Prevention and Control During the Spring Festival

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Dear foreign friends, 

    In the past year, we have helped each other through the difficult times. We wish you good health and pleasant stays in Hunan in the new year.

    As the traditional Chinese New Year is approaching, we would like to extend to you our New Year blessings and warm reminders as follows:

    1. Less cross-regional travel. It is recommended to travel less to other provinces if there are no special needs. Do not go to medium or high-risk regions. For those who need to go, please inform the community you live and get recorded. Remember to protect yourself well.

    2. Abide by prevention and control rules. Hunan province has strengthened port entry health quarantine and control for all international arrivals including Chinese citizens. Based on the pandemic situation of the departure place and the passenger’s recent travel history, health monitoring measures such as quarantine at designated places or at home, and nucleic acid tests will be taken accordingly. Please support and cooperate with our work.

    3. Submit information in a timely manner. If you have arrived in Hunan but have traveled or lived abroad in the past 21 days, or have been to medium or high-risk regions, or have had close contact with confirmed or suspected cases, please contact the community where you live or the organization you work for as soon as possible, declare your travel information truthfully, and cooperate with the prevention work.

    4. Protect yourself. It is recommended to wear a mask when you go out and do not directly touch cold chain food. Reduce gathering activities and dine with no more than 10 people. If you have such symptoms as fever, fatigue and cough, please seek timely medical treatment in the nearest hospital.

    For more information on the pandemic prevention and control, please visit the official website of Hunan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention:, and that of Hunan Provincial Health Commission:

    If you have any questions concerning foreign affairs, please call 0731-84510280. 

Foreign Affairs Office of Hunan Provincial People’s Government

January 22, 2021