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15 July 2015


Government-paid Teaching Students Serve at Rural Schools

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The photo, taken on September 7, shows Ms. Luo Yan teaching kids to sing at Longxi School, Bailang Town, Zixing City. Ms. Luo, 24 years old, has been a kindergarten teacher at Longxi Shool after she graduated as a government-paid teaching student in 2016. 
Zixing City initiated free education for teaching students in 2007, actively explored a new mechanism for training rural primary and secondary school and kindergarten teachers. The move helps encourage excellent middle school graduates to apply for education majors. 
Since 2012, Zixing has 343 government-paid teaching students working at rural schools. It becomes a backbone of the city’s rural education. (Photo/Zhong Lei, Zhu Xiaorong)
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