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15 July 2015

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Ten Travel Routes Highlighting Intangible Cultural Heritage

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On May 12, the Fifth Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition of Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi and Anhui Provinces opened at Hubei Art Museum. The Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has released 10 intangible cultural heritage-themed travel routes.

The 10 routes cover 100 counties and districts in 13 cities and one prefecture in Hunan. There are 156 inheritance sites on route and 367 intangible cultural heritage items are involved. The routes are:

1. Tour around the Dongting Lake to discover intangible cultural heritage

2. Explore origins of cultural relics along the Xiangjiang River

3. Experience mysterious ethnic group culture in Xiangxi

4. Discover diversified Meishan culture

5. Pilgrimage tour to south Hunan

6. Root-seeking tour

7. Study tour of tea and porcelain making techniques

8. Learn about Xiang and Miao embroidery and Tujia and Dong brocade techniques

9. Red tourism tour

10. Visit intangible cultural heritage exhibition halls

According to relevant agreements, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, and Anhui provinces are expected to hold an intangible cultural heritage exhibition every two years. This event was co-sponsored by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the four provinces. Under the theme of "Integration, Development, and Sharing", it brought together 52 representative intangible cultural heritage items and more than 1,000 intangible cultural heritage exhibits from the four provinces, and more than 100 inheritors gave performances on site. The event this year initiated the "Neo-Chinese Style Life Scene Special Exhibition", presented the intangible cultural heritage travel routes of the four provinces for the first time, and launched intangible cultural heritage fairs for the first time. Online and offline activities were held to promote intangible cultural heritage to the public, such as exhibitions, children paintings, and livestreaming from kid anchors.

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Translator: Xiao Juan

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Photo source: Hunan Daily