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15 July 2015

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Spring Festival Celebrations at Hunan’s Main Scenic Areas

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Many scenic areas in Hunan are busy preparing for the upcoming Spring Festival. Temple fairs, performances, lantern shows will be staged to spread festival greetings. Let’s take a sneak preview about the activities.

Ningxiang, Changsha—Temple Fair and Hot Springs

Duration: January – February, 2020
Venue: Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage Theme Park
A Spring Festival Temple Fair will be launched, presenting folk customs, intangible cultural heritage lanterns, and providing traditional snacks. 

Venue: Tanhe Ancient Town
Visitors may take part in gift presenting of the God of Wealth, which is a traditional custom to celebrate Lunar New Year in China. They may also try hands at folk cultural activities, such as writing Spring Festival couplets, making paper-cuttings pasted on panes, and making lanterns. Miyin Temple and Guanshan Ancient Town are must-goes for New Year prayers. Folk performances including dragon dance and flower-drum opera will be staged.  

Duration: December 18, 2019 - Janaury 18, 2020
Venue: Huitang Hot Springs Resort
The 8th Huitang Hot Springs Festival is ongoing. The 3rd Ningxiang Spring Festival serial activities kicked off simultaneously. Visitors may watch New Year dramas, view calligraphy works and paintings, and experience cultural heritages.

Langshan Mountain Scenic Area — First Lantern Festival

Duration: January 25 - February 11, 2020
Venue: Langshan Mountain Scenic Area, Shaoyang

The 2020 Hunan (Langshan Mountain) Lantern Festival will be inaugurated at Langshan Mountain Scenic Area, Xinning County. Residents and tourists may feast their eyes on colorful lanterns. Besides, a Spring Festival carnival, an international food fair, and folk performances will be held.

Nearly one million LED lamps and 20 sets of handmade lanterns are arranged to decorate the North Entrance square. A 40-meter-long corridor decorated with 100 palace lanterns is a good place for taking photos.

Folk performances such as dragon dances, lion dances, stilt walking, and sugar figurine making will be staged. A variety of interactive activities will be held, including hands-on activities and lantern riddle guessing.

Shiyan Lake, Changsha — Molten Iron Show
Duration: till February 16, 2020
Venue: Shiyan Lake
Activities: molten iron show, on-stage performances, lantern show, interactive game, and folk performances.

Yueyang Tower, Yueyang — Three Performances
Duration: January 26 - 30, 2020
Venue: Yueyang Tower
Activities: three performances, intangible cultural heritage-themed interactive games.

Fenghuang, Xiangxi — Lantern Festival
Duration: Spring Festival holidays
Venue: Fenghuang Scenic Area
Activities: lantern show, making ciba (glutinous rice cakes), and writing Spring Festival couplets.

Window on the World, Changsha — Chinatown-style Temple Fair
Duration: during Spring Festival holidays
Venue: Window on the World, Changsha
Activities: foreigners in Tang suit interact with tourists at a Chinatown-style temple fair. Fireworks shows, Chinese Kung Fu and dragon and lion dances will be staged. 

Liye Ancient Town, Xiangxi – New Year Shopping Festival

Duration: January 8 – 20, 2019
The first New Year Shopping Festival in Liye Ancient Town Scenic Area will provide various time-honored brands and local specialties, including meat, poultry, aquatic products, dried fruit, roasted seeds and nuts, and liquors and tea, and also cultural commodities, such as costume, bags and suitcases, and bamboo slip souvenir and folk crafts. Folk custom performances of Longshan County and modern artistic shows will be staged. Visitors can purchase New Year goods, enjoy folk arts, taste local snacks, and stroll streets with local characteristics. 

Wenjiashi Town, Changsha – Poetry Event

Date: Night of Little Chinese New Year (January 18)
Wenjiashi is among Hunan’s Ten Featured Cultural Tourism Industry Towns. On the “Little Chinese New Year” that falls on January 18 this year, a poetry event and Spring Festival couplet writing will be held at Wenjiashi Town Scenic Area, to present New Year greetings to visitors.

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