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15 July 2015

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Orange Isle Fireworks Shows on April 23 and May 1

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To celebrate this year’s "China Space Day" (to be launched on April 24) and "Labor Day" (May 1), two fireworks shows will be staged on Orange Isle in Changsha from 20:30 to 20:50 on April 23 and May 1 respectively. On behalf of Changsha, the fireworks will convey sincere welcome and cordial greetings to all of the visitors from home and abroad.
"China Space Day" Fireworks Show renderings.
"China Space Day" Fireworks Show
Time: Tuesday April 23, 20:30—20:50
Venue: Fireworks Plaza, Orange Isle
Themed "Pursuing Space Dreams for Win-Win Cooperation", the fireworks show features elements like space exploration and technology. It is an important China Space Day cultural activity. More than 500 senior UN officials; important foreign guests; academicians and experts, scholars, and heads of space agencies in the field of aerospace from home and abroad; and leaders from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China will enjoy the fireworks either at the Du Fu Pavilion or on cruise ships.
“Labor Day” Fireworks Show
Time: Wednesday May 1, 20:30—20:50
Venue: Fireworks Plaza, Orange Isle
With the theme “Qinyuanchun, Love for the Summer”, the fireworks show invites tourists from home and abroad to Changsha for the Labor Day holiday from May 1 to 4 this year. It is one of Changsha’s four scheduled fireworks shows in 2019. It will include four parts-- “Love for the Yuelu Mountain”, “Love for the Xiangjiang River”, “Love for the Orange Isle”, and “Love for Changsha”. It will display Changsha’s natural beauty and unique cultural atmosphere via fireworks, sounds, and Chinese characters.
1. The Orange Isle Scenic Area is closed before 18:00 on every scheduled fireworks show day to ensure visitor safety. Visitors are required to leave the scenic area before that time.
2. Changsha Subway Line 2 will not stop at Juzizhou (Orange Isle) Station after 18:00 on the day for the fireworks show. 
Best places for viewing:
Du Fu Pavilion and its surroundings
Siyangfangzun Square
Fengfan Square
The observation deck on the top of Yuelu Mountain 
The best way to get there:
Take Changsha Subway Line 2 to Xiangjiang Middle Road Station, and then walk south to Du Fu Pavilion