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15 July 2015

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Changsha to Build more Rural and Urban Parks

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In recent years, Changsha has built and opened 334 urban and rural parks (32 of which are large comprehensive parks), covering an area of 4,031 hectares, 2.1 times larger than that of 3 years ago. The city has initially formed the following urban and rural park system: comprehensive parks as the core; themed parks, community parks and gardens scattered around; and many rural parks were built based on the concept of the compatible development between urban and rural areas in Changsha. The recent 3 years Changsha has seen 690 park-related projects implemented, including urban and rural park construction, shade projects, and space greening projects. A total investment of more than 17 billion CNY has been made and an area of 2,386 hectares of green space added.

In 2018, 74 new urban parks (gardens) and 60 rural parks have been planned to be built in the city. Forty-four (section) boulevards, 30 shade squares, 34 shade parks and 22 flower-lined roads (special flower beds) will be built; and an area of 123 thousand and 120 square meters will be afforested.

Changsha in this year will improve the quality of 10 street corners, 10 streets and courtyards, and 5 large residential areas; and will gradually complete 454 projects relating to "the blue sky defense". With these projects as the foundation, efforts will be continuously put to improve the urban and rural environment: 340 hectares of green land will be added into urban planning area; the green coverage rate of the city will reach 42%, the green space rate 35.6%, and the park area per capita 11.6 square meters.

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Translator: Liu Pingbo

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