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15 July 2015

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Australian Commodities to Be Provided at Gaoqiao Grand Market

The Second China International Import Expo (CIIE) opened in Shanghai on November 5, 2019. A Hunan-Australia import and export cooperation promotion was held during the expo. Dozens of enterprises reached agreements on strategic cooperation and purchasing. 
Australia is the world’s fourth largest agricultural product exporter, and also the largest exporter of various mineral products. Hunan and Australia share a huge potential and good momentum for economic and trade cooperation, said Li Xinqiu, deputy director of the Hunan Department of Commerce. 
Data shows that, between this January and September, imports and exports between Hunan and Australia exceeded 1.6 billion USD, up 24% over last year. The amount of imports was 1.3 billion USD, 80% of the total. Major imported products include iron, zinc, beef and mutton, and milk powder. More than 30 Hunan companies made investment in Australia, with a total investment of 1.3 billion USD. 
CIIE provides a new opportunity for Hunan and Australia to further enhance economic and trade cooperation. The Hunan Gaoqiao Grand Market will open an Australian Pavilion later this month. Hunan consumers can buy authentic Australian wines, high quality beef, wild sea shrimps, and many other cost-effective Australian commodities. The Gaoqiao Grand Market will also open a Hunan Pavilion in Australia, to promote Hunan’s planting accessories and bags and suitcases.  
A number of strategic cooperation agreements were signed, concerning Au Trade Group’s business in the Gaoqiao Imported Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center, the Hunan Cross-border E-commerce Experience Center, and Xiangtan Comprehensive Bonded Zone. A group of enterprises reached purchase intention agreements.
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