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15 July 2015

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Thailand Satun Geopark, Xiangxi Geopark Establish Sister-park Ties

An 8-person Satun Geopark delegation from Thailand visited Xiangxi Geopark in Hunan for a three-day observing tour recently. Li Ping, governor of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, met with the guests. 
The delegates toured landmark geosites such as GSSP for Paibian Stage, GSSP for Guzhangian Stage, Aizhai Village, Shibadong Village, Red Carbonate-Rock Stone Forest, Furong Town, and Xiangxi Geopark, and learnt about geologic relics protection and utilization, geological tourism development, and public service facility construction in the geopark. During their stay, a sister-park agreement was reached between the two geoparks, on enhancing bilateral communication and cooperation in the fields of geological relics protection, worldwide karst research, scientific popularization education, information sharing, and geological tourism promotion and sustainable development.  
Governor Li briefed the guests on Xiangxi Prefecture’s profile, and Xiangxi Geopark’s geological relics resources and its achievements in applying for the title of a World Geopark and efforts in targeted poverty alleviation. He hoped the two geoparks will intensify communication to expand collaboration in broader fields and in-depth way, and jointly promote international karst research and development. 
Satun Geopark managers spoke highly of Xiangxi Geopark, and expressed willing of exchanges and cooperation in geological relics protection and scientific education, so as to realize mutual development. 
Narongrit Thungprue (L), manager of Satun Geopark, presents a gift to Xiangxi Geopark. 
Gao Wenhua (R), director of the Xiangxi Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning and deputy director of Xiangxi Geopark Management Committee, presents a gift to Satun Geopark. 
A Satun Geopark delegate observes GSSP for Guzhangian Stage.

Satun Geopark delegates observe GSSP  for Paibian Stage. 
Satun Geopark delegates visit Xiangxi Geopark Museum.
Representatives of the two geoparks communicate face-to-face. 
Satun Geopark and Xiangxi Geopark sign a sister geopark agreement
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