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15 July 2015

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Passenger Clearance & Customs Declaration

Luggage and goods carried by inbound and outbound passengers should be for personal use only and in a reasonable quantity and should be declared as personal items to the Customs and be subjected to inspection by Customs officials.

The duty-paid value of inbound and outbound goods is determined by the Customs officers according to the law.

Short-term passengers (those approved to stay in or outside China for not more than one year) may carry the following goods into or out of China, subject to the following restrictions:

Category I  


Category II   


Category III  


Fabrics, clothing, shoes, hats, objects of art, and other personal effects worth not more than  

RMB 1,000.  


Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.  

Personal effects worth more than RMB 1,000 but not more than  

RMB 5,000.  

Goods in Category I should be for personal use only and in a reasonable quantity.

An inbound passenger may carry 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars or 500 grams of tobacco and two bottles of alcoholic beverage (of higher than 12 percent alcohol and less than 1.5 liters) free of duty.

An inbound passenger with Category III goods will be subject to customs duties.

Inbound and outbound passengers carrying more than RMB 20,000 or more than USD 5,000 or an equivalent amount in other foreign currencies, in cash, or who are carrying more than 50 grams of gold or silver and/or their related products should make a declaration to the Customs officials. For foreign passengers who would undertake multiple trips to and from Hong Kong or Macao over a period of 15 days and for persons undertaking frequent inbound and outbound trips, the Customs officials will only release articles they need for their journey.

Inbound and outbound passengers holding a diplomatic or courtesy visa granted by the competent authority of the Government of the People's Republic of China, are not required to fill out the declaration form; however, they must produce their valid identity papers to the Customs officials for exemption.

A passenger may not carry more than RMB 150 worth of Chinese medicinal materials and prepared Chinese medicines if bound for Hong Kong or Macao and not more than RMB 300 if bound for a foreign country.

Long-term visitors (those approved to stay in or outside China for one year or longer) may import and export articles for personal use according to the procedures set forth in the Provisions of the Customs of the People’s Republic of China on the Importation and Exportation of Articles for Personal Use by Non-Resident Long-Term Visitors. To bring articles for personal use into China, a visitor should file a written application with the responsible customs office in person or through his or her appointed customs declaration agency. The application should be supported by the following documents:
1. Identity papers
2. Long-term residence permit
3. Completed Application Forms of the Customs Office of the People's Republic of China for Importation and Exportation of Articles for Personal Use
4. Bill of lading (waybill), packing list and other required documents

Domestic articles, in a reasonable quantity, which are imported into China by staff members of foreign consulates the United Nations and its affiliations, and representative offices of international organizations in China, as well as by their family, are exempted from duty and inspection. Books and teaching and scientific research materials/objects in a reasonable quantity which are imported into China by foreign experts (including experts from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) serving in the nation's educational institutions are exempted from import duty.

Customs levies duties on dutiable articles imported by non-resident, long-term visitors that are designated for personal use in accordance with the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Import and Export Duties. The Customs Office does not levy duties on articles which are imported by long-term, non-resident visitors for personal use and which are exempted from duty under intergovernmental protocols. (For more information, please visit the China Customs website at Each inbound passenger may carry a camera, a portable tape recorder, a small movie camera, a portable video camera, and a portable word processor for personal use. If exceeding the pre-stated scope, he or she should make a declaration to the Customs officials present.

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