“Little Trains” in Operation at Xiangtan Crayfish Breeding Base

The photo above, taken on June 3, shows a “little train” transporting crayfish by the pond at a crayfish breeding base in Hongxing Village, Tanjiashan Township, Xiangtan County.... ...

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Environmental Protection Knowledge Promoted at School in Jiahe County

On June 3, a volunteer promoted the knowledge of protecting the earth to students at the Tangcun Central School in Jiahe County. On the same day, the county’s eco-environmental protection department launched the “Environmental Protection Knowledge Promoted at Schools” activity. ... ...

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Hunan “Belt and Road” Green Expo to Open in Changsha

The 2019 Hunan “Belt and Road” Green Expo, and also a green industry development forum, will be held in Changsha between December 6 and 8. More than 400 enterprises from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania will participate, to share opportunities for green economic development. ... ...

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Yangtze Finless Porpoises Seen in Dongting Lake

More than five Yangtze finless porpoises have recently been spotted in the Hunan stretch of the Yangtze River and the Dongting Lake. The sighting surprised and attracted volunteers of the Yueyang Finless Porpoise Protection Association. ... ...

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Packing Box Recycling Bin Debuts

The photo, taken on October 9, shows residents put packaging boxes into a recycling bin at Gaoling Residential Community delivery outlet, Furong District, Changsha. On the same day, Hunan’s first batch of such recycling bins put into use. ... ...

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National “Traffic Card” to Be Available in 122 Hunan Cities, Counties, Districts

The 2019 National Public Transport Promotion Week is marked between September 16 and 22. On September 16, the Hunan Public Transport Promotion Week activities kicked off in Changde City. ... ...

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