Herons Seen Along Zhongshui River

The photo, taken on October 12, shows egrets fly along the Zhongshui River in Zhuquan Town, Jiahe County. As autumn comes, hundreds of thousands of egrets and grey herons gather at the Zhongshui River section in the county, making a magnificent scene. In recent years, the county government has enhanced environmental protection. The ecological environment has been notably improved.... ...

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Green Hunan, Beautiful Homeland

Picturesque sunset scene in Changsha. In recent years, the city government has promoted green development and ecological civilization construction. Its human settlement environment has been improved significantly.... ...

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Improved Eco-environment Makes Picturesque Hunan

Concentrated efforts have been made in treating key environmental problems, improving ecological remediation, and boosting industrial transformation and upgrading. Hunan has taken concrete actions in protecting the Yangtze River, and promoting the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Dongting Lake Ecological Economic Zone. ... ...

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Hunan Has Two Pilot National Grassland Natural Parks

Two Hunan grasslands have been added to the national grassland natural park pilot list, according to the Hunan Provincial Forestry Administration recently. They are Nantan Grassland in Sangzhi County, Zhangjiajie City, and Yanzishan Grassland in Jiangyong County, Yongzhou City.... ...

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2020 Hunan Energy-saving Publicity Week Kicks off

The 2020 Hunan Energy-saving Publicity Week themed with “Energy Conservation for Green Hills and Clean Water” was launched on June 29. It aimed to promote ideas of energy conservation, create an energy-saving atmosphere, raise energy-saving awareness and encourage all the citizens to participate in energy conservation. ... ...

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Changsha Yanghu National Wetland Park Clears Annoying Plants to Protect Environment

On June 5, a staff cleared up water weeds at Changsha Yanghu National Wetland Park, to provide citizens with a good environment. Changsha government issued the “2019 Changsha Eco-Environmental Status Communique” on the same day... ...

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