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15 July 2015

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Hunan Province’s Ecological System Improved Steadily

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The second work conference of the organizing committee of Hunan Provincial Concerning Forest Activities was held on December 21. It said that Hunan Province has carried out ecological management at Dongting Lake wetland in 2021. There are 288,000 migratory birds overwintering in Dongting Lake, a double increase from 2015.

This year, Hunan has achieved outstanding results in forestry. As of now, the province has completed 11.0675 million mu (737,833 ha.) of afforestation, which is 110.68% of the annual target; the forest coverage rate reached 59.97%; the forest stock volume reached 641 million cubic meters, an increase of 23 million cubic meters year-on-year; the wetland protection rate reached 75.77%; the total output value of the forestry industry reached 536 billion yuan, an increase of 5.12% year-on-year.

In 2021, the province has completed 1.7179 million mu (about 114,527 ha.) of manmade forests, 3.068 million mu (204,533 ha.) of forest conservation, restored 1.2296 million mu (81,973 ha.) of degraded forests, tended and managed 5.052 million mu (336,800 ha.) of forests, completed 22,500 mu (1,500 ha.) of man-made grasslands, and improved 60,700 mu (4,046) of degraded grasslands. The province has achieved remarkable results in improving ecological environment of Dongting Lake wetland. The number of rare and endangered species such as elk, finless porpoise, and white spoonbill has increased steadily.

Hunan has strictly implemented the forestland review and approval system, carried out special actions to combat deforestation, and handled 28 cases. Measures have been taken to implement follow-up work of fasting wild animals. A total of 3,366 farmers in the province all relinquished their culturing farms. Efforts have been made to build a gridded management and protection system with "one chief and three members" (forest chiefs at provincial-, city-, county-, township-, and village-level, forest guards, supervisors and law enforcement officers). The province has deepened the reform of the collective forest tenure system, created 14 national demonstration cooperatives in forestry industry, and mediated 572 collective forest contract management disputes.

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