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15 July 2015

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Hunan Establishes Joint Law Enforcement Mechanism to Protect Dongting Lake

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Recently, the Yueyang, Changde, and Yiyang governments signed a framework agreement on law enforcement cooperation in Dongting Lake area. The agreement aims to further strengthen Dongting Lake protection and treatment, and take resolute actions against water-related violations of laws in the area. 
According to the agreement, the three cities will establish a joint law enforcement mechanism under the unified leadership of “lake chiefs” in the Dongting Lake area. Water-related violations of laws will be handled in accordance with laws and regulations.   
Regular and irregular cross-regional joint inspections and law enforcement actions will be carried out, to crack down on illegal sand mining, lake damage and occupation, barrier-setting, discharge of wastewater, and fishing. Joint inspections should be submitted to municipal- or county-level lake chiefs when necessary. 
A joint mechanism on handling water-related violations of laws in the Dongting Lake area will be established. Concerted efforts should be made to report violations and coordinate multi-agency investigations. Law enforcement teams will be organized to implement the lake chief system. The teams consist of officials from public security, water resources, ecological environment, transportation, agriculture and rural affairs, and forestry authorities. 
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