Photovoltaic Power Developed to Increase People's Income

In recent years, the county has made great efforts to boost new energy development. Currently, the total installed capacity of the operating wind and photovoltaic power generation machines reaches 177 MW, which ensures power supply for local economic development while helps increase people's income. ... ...

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People Enjoy Coolness and Fun at Scale-shaped Weir

People enjoy coolness of waters at the scale-shaped weir in Mujiao Village, Wanfoshan Town, Tongdao Dong Autonomous County.... ...

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Residents Enjoy Beautiful Riverside Scenery in Lanshan County

In recent years, the county government has actively promoted protection and construction of beautiful rivers and lakes; fully implemented the dual-river chief system; and, carried out comprehensive river management actions.... ...

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Villages Benefit from Clean Solar Energy in Tongdao

On July 21, the photovoltaic panels of the Majiaba photovoltaic power station project for poverty alleviation were neatly arranged on the bank of the Malong River in Shuangjiang Town, Tongdao Dong Autonomous County.... ...

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Wind Power Developed in Xintian County

Xintian county has adhered to the path of giving priority to ecological environment and green development. The local government focuses on protecting the abundant forest resources, while developing eco-friendly wind power industry and promoting clean energy utilization based on local geological conditions.... ...

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Picturesque Wetland Park in Chengbu County

The photo, taken on June 25, shows a beautiful scene under blue skies composed of green hills and clean water at the core area of the Baiyun Lake National Wetland Park in Chengbu Miao Autonomous County. ... ...

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