Straw Recycled to Increase Farmers’ Income

The photo, taken on December 20, shows self-unloading tractors unload packages of straw at a renewable energy power company in Mengxi Town, Lixian County. ... ...

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Swans Seen at West Dongting Lake National Nature Reserve

On December 19, flocks of white swans flew over the Qingshan Lake Migratory Bird World in the West Dongting Lake National Nature Reserve in Hanshou County, Hunan Province.... ...

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7th Hunan Provincial Ecological Civilization Forum Liuyang Annual Conference Held

The 7th Hunan Provincial Ecological Civilization Forum Liuyang Annual Conference and the Hunan-Jiangxi Border Area Regional Ecological Cooperation Seminar were held in Liuyang between December 3 and 4.... ...

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Chinese Water Deer Released to Nature

On November 25, the Nanyue Hengshan National Nature Reserve Administration released 30 Chinese water deer that had undergone a rewilding training. Chinese water deer, or Hydropotes inermis, is a species of mammals in the family Cervidae. It is a national second-class protected animal and is included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN is the short name for International Union for Conservation of Nature.)... ...

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Abandoned Quarries Turned into Ecological Parks

Citizens rehearsed for a catwalk show on the square of Lianhuashan Park, Lianhua Community, Shunling Neighborhood, Ningyuan County. ... ...

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3 Wetlands in Yueyang Shortlisted for Provincial-level Key Wetlands

The Hunan Provincial People’s Government recently announced the second batch of provincial-level key wetlands. ... ...

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