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15 July 2015

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Expert Panel on Sino-UK Low-Carbon Eclogical Urban Planning Approaches Study Pilot Investigates Yunlong

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Experts Investigates Yunlong Demonstrative Area for Ecological Urban Pilot

A group of Chinese and British experts gathered at Yunlong Demonstrative Area in Zhuzhou, investigating the research pilot for China-Britain Low-carbon Ecological Urban Planning Methods.


These experts come from the Department of Building Energy Saving and Science & Technology of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Chinese Societies for Urban Studies, Foreign and Commonwealth Office of UK and WS Atkins plc.


The investigation team visited the northern tourism and recreation zone, the central intelligent information zone and southern vocational teaching and innovation zone in Yunlong Demonstrative Area. They remarked that Yunlong has good ecological environment boasting abundant natural landscapes thanks to the implementation of national advanced concept of ecological infrastructure facilities, meeting the requirements of low-carbon ecological urban development.


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Translator: Guo Yan


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