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15 July 2015

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Workshop on "Sustainable City, Youth in Action" Held in Hunan University

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Workshop on "Sustainable City, Youth in Action", hosted by Hunan official English web portal, took place on the evening of Dec. 16 in Hunan University. 30 young elites from all walks of society in Hunan gathered together to offer advice and suggestions for the sustainable development of Hunan.


The participants include:
1.Li Huajun, Secretary of the Hunan Youth Federation
2.Xu Zhengxian, Deputy Director of the General Office of the Hunan Provincial People's Government
3.Fu Rong, Director of Hunan official English web portal
4.Peng Wanxi, Assistant Professor at Central South University of Forestry & Technology
5.Yin Zhigang, Deputy Director of the News Center for CCTV International Green Channel
6.Zou Rong, Editor-in-chief of the Hunan Geology Section at Xiaoxiang Morning Herald
7.Xie Youhui, General Manager of Hunan Friendship & Apollo and Home Run
8.Ahmad Nawaz, friend from Pakistan

The theme "Sustainable City, Youth in Action" was derived from the latest research of Ton Dietz, professor of Human Geography at the University of Amsterdam. He developed a "Rainbow Approach" which is closely linked to people's daily lives and aims to achieve a similar result as Hunan's approach of the "Two-oriented Society".

The guests aired their opinions and suggestions at the workshop, appealing for actions among the young generation to involve them-selves in shaping a sustainable city.

"Sustainable city" refers to a city boasting sustainability in economy, society and the environment. Advanced methodologies and successful experiences on sustainable development from other countries and cities should be used for our reference.

To achieve the sustainable development of Hunan Province requires not only endeavors from the government, but also joint efforts from enterprises, universities, colleges and the common men as well.

Translator: Liu Fen
Edited by Ahmad