The Most Meaningful Trees in Hunan

Chinese Chestnut Trees in Xianglong Village, Liuyang

Age: 102 Years Planted by Mao Zedong
In the winter of 1917, Mao Zedong in his youth age graduated from Hunan First Normal University. He visited his classmate Chen Shao whose home was in Tielu Village, Wenjiashi Town, Liuyang. He lived here for a few weeks and planted two Chinese chestnut trees on a hill at the village. When asked why he planted trees in a place far from his home, he said "One generation plants a tree; the next enjoys the fruits".
Years later the two trees became fruitful. The villagers always kept in mind the person who planted the trees. They plucked chestnuts and sent them to Chairman Mao. He received the chestnuts gladly and wrote back to the villagers. He enclosed some food coupons as payment for the chestnuts. 
Chairman Mao's letter is now on display at the Wenjiashi Autumn Harvest Uprising Memorial Hall. 
Over the past century, these two trees encountered lightning strokes and once withered. However, they revived and budded again.
Now, the two trees are 102 years old, and have become a revolutionary education site of Wenjiashi Town. 
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