The Money Trees in Hunan

Ancient Gingko Trees in Tongzi’ao Village, Shuangpai County, Yongzhou

More than 1,000 in total; 218 are over 100 years old; 5 clusters of 20-30 trees
Tongzi'ao Village, at the foot of Yangming Mountain in Shuangpai County, Yongzhou, is well-known for its more than 1,000 gingko trees. Among these trees there are 218 that are more than 100 years old. There are five clusters of 20-30 gingko tress. These ancient gingko tree clusters have been included on the list of Chinese agricultural heritage sites. They are "money trees" bringing fortune to the locals. 
Tongzi'ao village has been known in Hunan as one of its poorer villages. But since 2013, Shuangpai County government has supported the village to develop tourism to help end poverty. The gingko trees of all households were coordinated and sightseeing lanes and related infrastructure were built.  
With improved transport conditions and infrastructure, more and more photographers were attracted. The gingko trees in the village become widely known. 
During the peak time, when the gingko leaves turn gold, thousands of visitors will come. The primo period for viewing the gold gingko leaves lasts only three months. The villagers are attempting to coordinate land use to include flower cultivation. Presently the village has different sceneries for different seasons. Agritainment and the gingko nut business are popular, forming a "gingko economy" which benefits the villagers.  
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Tongzi'ao Village
Yangming Mountain National Forest Park