The Most Miraculous Tree in Hunan

Ancient celtis sinensis (Pu Shu) in Wangcheng, Changsha

Age: 181 Years Height: 7 m Diameter: 0.47 m
There is a Xizi Tower at the foot of Jiufeng Mountain in Wangcheng District, Changsha. It is famous for the tree that grows atop it. It is honored as a "sacred tower" and a "sacred tree".  
The tower was constructed in 1838. In 1900, its spire was damaged by lightning. After that, birds would perch atop it, possibly bringing seeds there. Later, a celtis sinensis grew out of the tower miraculously. Now it is flourishing, with a height of 7 meters, and a diameter of 0.47 meters. 
Seen from afar, the tree seems like a huge umbrella sheltering the tower. 
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Heimifeng National Forest Park
Tongguan Kiln Ancient Town