The Toughest Tree in Hunan

Ancient cunninghamia lanceolates (Sha Mu) in Chengbu, Shaoyang

Age: 1,600 Years Height: 16 m Diameter: 2.2 m Crown spread: 7.5 m
A cluster of 38 ancient cunninghamia lanceolates stands at Dazhai Village, Chang'anying Town, Chengbu. They were planted during the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420). They are the earliest known artificially cultivated cunninghamia lanceolates in China. 
The oldest one is 1,600 years old, with 2.2 meters in diameter, 16 meters in height, and a 7.5 meters wide crown. There is a huge hole in the tree which can accommodate 7 to 8 standing persons. People can look up at the sky through the trunk.  
It is said that the tree was originally 28 meters high. A lightning strike broke it, leaving only half a trunk. In 2013, it burned inside for four hours. 
Five months after the fire, the tree revived and sprouted miraculously. Since then, it has been hailed as a "sacred tree", and has been well protected. 
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Nanshan Scenic Area in Chengbu County
Dazhai Village
Miao Ethnic Minority