The Widest Tree in Hunan

Millennium-old camphor tree in Qiyang, Yongzhou

Age: 1,140 Years Height: 28 m Diameter: 6.5 m Crown spread: 37.5 m
Hunan's "camphor tree king" is at Guantang Village, Lijiaping Town, Qiyang County, which was identified by the Hunan Forestry Department in 2017. It is said that the tree was planted by the Huang Chao Uprising Army during its march to Tanzhou by way of Qiyang, in October 879. It is 28 meters tall, has a 37.5 meter crown, and is 6.5 meters in diameter. It has the thickest trunk of any tree in Hunan which takes 14 adults holding hands to encircle it.
Villagers consider it a "magic tree". On first and 15th day of each Chinese lunar month, and important celebrative days, the locals would worship the tree asking for blessings. 
Generation after generation, villagers have passed on the responsibility to protect the tree. They initiated a tree protection association, fenced it, and paved it with air bricks and turf. 
In 2013, the tree waned a bit when its south bough withered but the forestry authority raised funds to rescue and revitalize it.
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