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15 July 2015


Ghana Ambassador to China Recommends Cocoa Products

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Ghana's ambassador to China Edward Boateng receives an interview in Beijing. (Photo/Huang Tingting, Hunan Daily) 
The first China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo (CAETE) will be held between June 27 and 29 in Changsha. Ghana’s ambassador to China Edward Boateng expressed his expectation for further agricultural cooperation with Hunan when he received an interview in Beijing. 
The Republic of Ghana is located in west Africa and on the north bank of the Gulf of Guinea. In recent years, it has greatly developed agriculture, and becomes the world’s second largest cocoa producer and exporter. Its cocoas are widely used in world’s famous chocolate products. In Ghana, cocoa is also an important gift for distinguished guests. 
“Cocoa is good for children to make their brains smarter, and good for adults that can protect them against a lot of diseases,” Boateng recommended. “Now we can sell cocoa beans directly to the Chinese market, so that our farmers can make more money, and send their kids to schools, so that everybody can be lifted out of poverty,” he said. 
Boateng expected to use this expo to help Ghana’s cocoa products enter Chinese market. “For most Chinese, they drink cocoa products, and the chocolate consumption is big.” 
As for cooperating with Hunan, Boateng mentioned Hunan’s Ghana-China Cocoa International Trade Center that was founded in Changsha in May 2018. It will be China’s largest cocoa e-commerce platform, which will help Ghana’s cocoa to “go global”. 
Also, he attached great importance to human resource exchange between the two countries. 
“Our goal is to lift our people out of poverty, just as China has been done for the past 40 years. Without proper infrastructure development, lifting people out of poverty is difficult. To participate in the ‘Belt and Road’, we can get the expertise from that China has done,” he said. He hoped that China and Ghana will deepen cooperation, to realize common development and win-win results. 
At the coming CAETE, Boateng will recommend Ghana’s distinctive shawls, and authentic cocoa products. He held a high expectation for the coming event. China and Ghana has made friendly collaboration for long. He hoped that, through this expo, the two countries will further strengthen cooperation and exchange in economy and trade, agriculture, and human resource. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
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