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15 July 2015

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Whitewater Rafting in Tuolong Gorge

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The Tuolong Gorge rafting course is 5 kilometers long. On both sides are steep precipices, picturesque rocks and luxuriant plants. Here, you can greatly thrill yourself while rafting, and also feast your eyes on the charming natural landscapes.
Address: Xujiadong Power Station, Jiayi Town, Pingjiang County, Yueyang City
Telephone: 0730-6620999
Hours of operation: 12:00am (Monday-Thursday)
                10:00am (Friday)
                9:00am (Weekends)
Ticket price: 198 yuan/person (for reference) 
How to get there:
Take a shuttle bus at Changsha East Bus Station to Pingjiang Bus Station; take a bus running between Pingjiang and Changshou and get off at Dongshan Station; and, then take a motorcycle (the fare is about 10 yuan.) to Xujiadong Power Station (Tourist Service Center).