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15 July 2015

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“Chinese Bridge” Contestants Visit Confucius’ Hometown

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On August 7 and 8, the top 15 contestants of the 18th Chinese Bridge Competition paid a two-day visit to such places as Confucius’s hometown, CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd., and SIASUN Co., Ltd. The following contestants, noting the location they were from, joined the trip to Qufu, Confucius’ hometown: Asia Jiang Tiangai, Africa Shi Yu, Oceania Bai Yang, America Luo Mingyan, and European Jia Song.
Qufu is where Confucius, ancient China’s greatest philosopher and educator, lectured and created Confucian culture. It has the World Confucianism Research and Exchange Center, the Confucius Institute; and the Confucius’ Mansion, Temple and Cemetery. It is known as “The Oriental Holy City” and “The Oriental Jerusalem”.
During this trip, contestants were exposed to the ancient Chinese history and culture that has lasted in Qufu. They were also impressed by the grand architecture and the rich historic remains of this city.
The 18th Chinese Bridge Competition is co-sponsored by the Confucius Institute Headquarters and the Hunan Provincial People’s Government. Its theme is “One World, One Family”. The contestants from the four continents and Oceania bring their national stories to the competition. This promotes communication among youth of the world.
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
Translator: Wu Suyun
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