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15 July 2015

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Tujia Nationality: “Guo Gan Nian”

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Hunan has more than 50 ethnic groups. Minorities celebrate their Spring Festival almost the same day as the Han people, but they have different customs.

Tujia Nationality: “Guo Gan Nian”

On the 29th of the lunar calendar, everything has been nearly ready, people of Tujia celebrate on that day ,which is called “Guo Gan Nian(过赶年)”. Why do they celebrate the New Year one day in advance? Legend tells that long long ago, in order to resist foreign aggression, Tujia People had to celebrate the New Year ahead by one day so that they could prepare for fighting. Since then the custom has been passed down. On this night, many men and women will dance around together. This dance is prevalent, named “Bai Shou Wu(摆手舞)”, it mainly tells about the story of their traveling across mountains and rivers, hunting for the daily life and fighting for resisting the invasion.