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15 July 2015

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New Year Greetings

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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Happy Spring Festival!
Happy Spring Festival!
Wish you a happy new year!
Wish your family a happy Spring Festival!
Wish all of you a happy Spring Festival!
Happy New Year!
May all your wishes come true!
May all your wishes be fulfilled!
Good luck!

For Fortune and Career


Wish you prosperity!


May a river of gold flow into your pocket!
May you earn more fortune!
Business flourishes!
Harmony brings wealth!
Money and treasures will be plentiful!
Treasures fill the home!
May you have promotion every year!
May you realize your ambition!
Hope everything goes well with your work!
Wish you every success in your career!
Have a meteoric rise in life!
Have a meteoric rise (said of career or social position)!
Win success immediately upon arrival!
For Family and Health
Literally meaning ‘Spirit of Dragon and Hose’. Hope you will be full of vigor.
May you peaceful all year round!
Wish you good health!
May you live a happy life with your family!
Wish you every success!
Hope everything goes well!
May you have surpluses and bountiful harvests every year!
For students


Wish you every success in your studies!
Make progress in your studies!
Succeed in the examinations!